Dishwasher Program

Manion Foods offers a comprehensive program designed to help you to keep your operation clean and sanitary. Contact us to learn how we can help you.

Manion’s Partners with Dalco

Manion Foods, and Dalco have enjoyed a great partnership over the years in providing affordable Warewash, and Dish Machine solutions for all types of conditions, and environments.   With end results that are transparent, measureable, and guaranteed!

Dalco Solutions

  • Dish Machines: For Sale or Lease
  • Local Support and Service 24/7/365
  • Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Entry Matting

Who Are We?

  • We Are Experts and Industry Leaders for over 55 years…
  • Working with virtually every type of business to help them Make Their Facilities Shine!
  • Specialists… It’s All We Do & We Love to Do It!
  • Seven Service & Distribution Centers: MN, WI,MI-UP,IA

Our Core Values…

  • Expertise
  • Attitude
  • Relationships
  • Solutions

What Do We Provide?

  • Innovative Adaptable Cleaning Solutions for Safe & Healthy Environments.
  • Customized Solutions & Subject Matter Specialists.
  • Transparent, Measurable & Guaranteed Results!
  • Expertise – Innovation – Education.
  • World Class All Inclusive Service.

Please call Manion Foods today for more information….

Manions Partners with Sparclean & Spartan Warewash Lineup

The SparClean Warewash line of products gives you the options you need to keep all of your glasses, dishes, pots, pans and utensils in SparClean brilliance! These products were formulated with the latest technology, removing some of the less sustainable raw materials and choosing instead options that achieve performance without the traditional negative impact.  Since SparClean products do NOT contain Phosphates, Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, or EDTA, they are more environmentally preferable than most traditional

We’ve been providing high-quality, efficient ware-washing equipment for over 40 years. You’ll find our systems in restaurants, hotels, schools, and nearly every other industry the world over. American Dish Service prides itself on results –from the spotless, immaculate wares of fine dining to the sanitary purity essential to medical institutions.

Faster than a speeding bullet. . .

For many of our clients, it’s all about speed and turnaround. American Dish offers systems to meet any need, from 24 to 244 racks per hour. That’s about 160 to 1000 place settings per hour!

More powerful than a locomotive. . .

Not to mention economical and efficient. Our low-energy units use about half the water you’d typically expect – with less chemicals – resulting in reduced water and sewage cost associated with machines of the same size. Our high temperature units use the most powerful pumps and the fastest cycle times in the industry for the best performance. Research and development innovations like these allow you to get more done in less time for less money.

Able to leap the competition in a single bound. . .

All American Dish products are manufactured in-house, starting with the sheet metal all the way through shipment – including 15 to 20 cycles of testing per unit. Most of our competitors are just assembly plants. Strong, durable materials “like they used to make them” combine with computer-driven machinery to give us the precision and repeatability necessary for the quality and consistency of product we’re known for. Pumps are cast straight from our own original molds, and replacement parts are never a problem

All machines for Sale or Lease…

SparClean Warewash Chemicals

Download the brochure displayed below by clicking HERE.

SparClean | Manion Foods
SparClean | Manion Foods
SparClean | Manion Foods
SparClean | Manion Foods
SparClean | Manion Foods

Download the brochure displayed below by clicking HERE.

American Dish | Manion Foods
American Dish | Manion Foods
American Dish | Manion Foods
American Dish | Manion Foods
American Dish | Manion Foods
American Dish | Manion Foods